Sir William Hodge

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The server is named after the celebrated mathematician Sir William Hodge (Edinburgh, 17 June 1903 – Cambridge, 7 July, 1975). His childhood home at 15 Granby Road is close to the Edinburgh School of Mathematics. The Wikipedia entry and the MacTutor entry for Hodge are very informative about his life and achievements. His greatest contribution to mathematics is Hodge theory, which was was described by Hermann Weyl as ‘one of the landmarks in the history of mathematics in the 20th century‘. Sir Michael Atiyah was Hodge’s student at Cambridge in the 1950’s. Atiyah wrote the Royal Society obituary of Hodge. In 2003 he organized the Hodge centenary conference ‘Hodge Theory in a New Century‘ in Edinburgh. His talk about Hodge was illustrated by a slide presentation.

Sir William Hodge