Reading group: The etale fundamental group and beyond

Autumn 2019

This is an informal reading group organised by Clark Barwick and Jon Pridham. The first meeting will be at 1.30 on Friday 20th September, in JCMB 4319A.

Starting from Thursday 26th, the regular meeting time will be 3pm on Thursdays, in Bayes or thereabouts.

We will be starting with Szamuely's book Galois groups and fundamental groups.

The locations will be:

26th September - 5.45 Bayes
3rd October - 5.02 Bayes
10th October - 5.02 Bayes
17th October - 5.02 Bayes
24th October - 5.10 Bayes
31st October - 5.10 Bayes
7th November - 5.02 Bayes
(then a fortnight's gap)
21st November - 5.02 Bayes
28th November - 5.45 Bayes
5th December - TBD

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