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Upcoming Hodge activities

arend Monday June 26, 2017

The Hodge Institute has a busy week coming up:

Using LaTeX on this website

arend Thursday August 29, 2013
I have just enabled MathJax for the whole site - this means you can use LaTeX, hopefully everywhere (in the wiki, in the blog, etc.). Just use
\( a > 0 \)
for inline expressions, and
$$ a^2 < 0 $$
for display-style equations:

If \( a > 0 \), then $$a^2 < 0.$$

You can play around with it in the other Sandbox (which has the advantage that it can be saved). Let me know if you encounter any problems.

Extra Virgin Post

Iain Sunday August 25, 2013

From "10 Getting Started Tips for Publishing a Successful Blog"
"7. Introduce Yourself:

Your first post should introduce yourself (use a pseudonym if desired) and detail the purpose of your blog. Include your credentials as well as your interest in the subject matter. Offer fun notes about yourself and make it personable. If your readers feel that they know you, they will be more loyal and engaged in your blog."


The first purpose of this website is as a way of communicating within our big group. It's a wiki, so we can all contribute. There will be information for our seminars and their videos, and of positions advertised and grants available. But I hope there will be more in this blog, for instance a precis of a new paper you've written, or commentary on an interesting conference you attended, or details about an upcoming visit from one of your colleague.

The second purpose is to present our activity to the world outside Edinburgh. We now have a strong and coherent group, and it is large by European standards. This website should give easy access to the content we have, and as a result raise awareness of the group. In a little time this will then give us even more chances to bring very promising PhD students and talented postdocs to Edinburgh.

That's it. My first ever post and the first post here is complete. I'm so happy that I avoided all self-conscious comments and writing "yada yada".

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