Work in progress

In this informal seminar, we will take turns in presenting ongoing work, or results that are perhaps not yet in final form, anything that could really benefit from more discussion with other Hodge members.

In Semester 2 our regular meeting time will be Tuesdays 1-2, JCMB 5323. However note the special day and location for Week 3.

1 Feb, JCMB 5323, 2:05 pm David Jordan Elliptic Hall algebras via Elliptic Schur-Weyl duality
6 February Sue Sierra There are 27 lines on a noncommutative cubic surface
20 February Arend Bayer Families of stability conditions for families of varieties
1 March, Lecture Theatre C, 3.10pm Peter Haine Stratified homotopy theory (Strike)
22 March, 2pm-3pm Diletta Martinelli On the geometry of contractions of the Moduli Space of sheaves of a K3 surface
27 March Roberto Fringuelli The Brauer group of universal moduli space of vector bundles over smooth curves.
3 April Andrea Appel ??

In Semester 1 our schedule was:

Oct 6, JCMB 4325ATom LeinsterEntropy modulo a prime (after Kontsevich)
Oct 13 Clark Barwick On the monodromy of constructible sheaves
Oct 20 Tom Lenagan The Tauvel height formula for quantum nilpotent algebras
Oct 27 Jenny August Derived categories of contraction algebras
Nov 3 Matt Booth Derived contraction algebras
Nov 10 Sjoerd Beentjes Curve counting and the crepant resolution conjecture
Nov 17 Brent Pym Homotopy point modules in deformation quantization
Nov 24 Johan Martens Moduli of parahoric Higgs bundles
Dec 1 Marcos Jardim Asymptotic Bridgeland stability

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