Moment Maps Working Seminar

Spring 2019

Organised by Ana Rita Pires and Johan Martens.

The aim of the working seminar is to discuss various results related to moment maps in symplectic geometry. All are welcome to attend - we assume a familiarity with the basics of differential geometry (manifolds and smooth actions of Lie groups), but nothing more.

The seminar meets weekly on Wednesday from 10am till 11am. Talks are given by various participants. If you wish to be kept informed please contact Johan Martens to be added to the mailing list.

Tentative Seminar Schedule (this is subject to change):

DateTopicSpeaker Location
January 23Organization and Introduction to Moment Maps Johan Martens Notes Appleton Tower 2.14
January 30Equivariant CohomologyJosé Figueroa-O'Farrill Notes Bayes 5.02
February 6Localization, Duistermaat-Heckman-Berline-Vergne Theorem Johan Martens Notes Bayes 5.45
February 13Convexity of moment maps Ana Rita Pires Notes Bayes 5.02
February 27 Symplectic Reducution and GITCarlos Zapata-Carratalá Notes Bayes 5.45
March 6 Toric symplectic manifolds and the Delzant Construction Ben Brown Notes Bayes 5.02
March 13 Group-valued Moment Maps & Quasi-Hamiltonian ReductionAlexander ShapiroNotes Bayes 5.45
March 20 Symplectic Blowing Up & Down, Cutting and Gluing, Implosion Johan Martens Bayes 5.02
March 27 Quantum Hamiltonian Reduction Sue Sierra Notes Bayes 5.02
April 3 A Homological Approach to Hamiltonian Reduction José Figueroa-O'Farrill Notes Bayes 5.02

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