Category Theory Seminar

The informal category theory seminar is exactly what it sounds like: a place for people to give and listen to talks about category theory, whether based on applications or pure theory. We meet at 6311 (JCMB) at 15:10am every Wednesday. The schedule for this semester can be found below, and also here. Please feel free to contact tom.avery at ed.ac.uk with any enquiries or to be added to the mailing list.

07/10/2015Tom Leinster What is the spectrum, categorically?
14/10/2015Chris HeunenSpectra of rings
21/10/2015Martti Karvonen Frobenius Monads
28/10/2015Kevin Dunne PROPs and their spectra
4/11/2015Tom Avery The Giry monad and codensity monads
11/11/2015Matt BoothIntroduction to model categories
18/11/2015Alessandro SlamitzThe magnitude of a finte-dimensional algebra
25/11/2015 NO SEMINAR
2/12/2015Craig RobertsonTBA
2/12/2015Bram WesterbaanThe category of Von Neumann algebras
9/12/2015Federico Orsanigo Homotopy type theory

Past speakers:

Spring 2015

16/1/2015Tom Leinster
23/1/2015Sjoerd BeentjesAn introduction to derived categories
6/2/2015Alex SimpsonThe random topos
13/2/2015Aaron GreenspanCohomology of a category
20/2/2015Tom AveryLogic in a topos part 1
27/2/2015Tom AveryLogic in a topos part 2
6/3/2015Tom LeinsterDo objects of a category have elements?

Autumn 2014:

17/10/2014Martin KalckFrobenius categories
24/10/2014Aaron GreenspanThe Catalan Simplicial set and monoidal categories
31/10/2014Tom AverySynthetic differential geometry (joint with Geometry club)
7/11/2014Barry DevlinCodensity, Ultrafilters and Compact Algebras
14/11/2014Przemek PobrotynBeck's monadicity theorem
21/11/2014Tom AveryCodensity monads and probability measures
28/11/2014Alex SimpsonAn introduction to Grothendieck toposes - one user's perspective

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