Hodge Club

The Hodge Club is the seminar for Hodge Institute graduate students and postdocs. That means we're interested in Algebra, Geometry, Topology, Number Theory, and all possible combinations and derivations of the four. Before the 2016/17 academic year, the Hodge Club was known as the Geometry Club.

We meet every Friday at 2:45pm at the Bayes Centre (Room 5.02 or 5.45) where we take it in turn to present a topic of interest to the rest of the group. Talks tend to be fairly informal and provide excellent practice for conference talks in front of a friendly audience. You can find our current schedule and a historical list of talks below.

Future events are circulated on our mailing list and advertised on the Graduate School calendar. See instructions below on how to join our mailing list.

The Hodge Club is organised by Ben Brown and Trang Nguyen.

Current Schedule of talks for 2019/20

Semester 1

4th October, 2:45pm | Dougal Davis | A tale of three curious quotients and other adventures in geometry and representation theory

Once upon a time, there was a group named SL_2. This group had three daughters (or "adjoint quotient maps") called Additive, Multiplicative and Elliptic. The littlest child, Additive, loved representation theory, and had just one singular fibre that everyone admired. The next child, Multiplicative, resembled her little sister Additive, but had two singular fibres that were very slightly harder to look at than Additive's one. The eldest, Elliptic, was a more difficult child, who stood a bit apart from her sisters. She had a greater taste for geometry, had four singular fibres, and always seemed just a little unstable.

In this talk, I'll introduce you to these three sisters, and tell you about some of the adventures they went on together in the lands of algebraic geometry and representation theory.

11th October, 2:45pm | Trang Nguyen | Moduli space of parabolic Higgs bundles
Abstract: In this talk, we discuss parabolic Higgs bundles and the geometry of their moduli space. We also introduce a global analogue of the Grothendieck-Springer resolution of Lie algebras which arises from the study of parabolic Higgs bundles.

18th October, 2:45pm | Ruth Reynolds | The classification of noncommutative projective curves and an important conjecture in noncommutative ring theory
Abstract: In 1995, Artin and Stafford classified all noncommutative graded domains of GK dimension 2 (so-called "noncommutative curves"). In this talk we describe this result and the progress made to classify rings of higher GK dimension (noncommutative projective surfaces). We will also talk about Artin's conjecture which is the obstacle to obtaining this classification.

25th October, 2:45pm | Will Reynolds | TBD
Abstract: TBD.

1st November, 2.45pm | Ben Brown | TBD
Abstract: TBD.

8th November, 2.45pm | Vivek Mistry | TBD
Abstract: TBD.

15th November, 2.45pm | Emily Roff | TBD
Abstract: TBD.

22nd November, 2.45pm | Sebastian Schlegel Mejia | TBD
Abstract: TBD.

Historical schedules

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