SMSTC Working Seminar on Finite Dimensional Algebras

The seminar will run 9--11am on Tuesdays from 6th October 2015. There will be 10 sessions, and all will take place in the video conferencing SMSTC facilities (e.g. JCMB 5323 in Edinburgh). All students, postdocs and faculty throughout Scotland are invited to attend. Talks will be given by participants, and will be assigned in advance.

The syllabus is Image FD Algebra Working Seminar Syllabus.

All participants should register via the SMSTC web site www.smstc.ac.uk. This is not one of the standard SMSTC courses, but some departments may allow students to take this seminar for credit, and students must seek approval for that from their own institution. Assessment will include giving a short talk as part of the seminar, and the production of some of the course notes (in LaTeX). If your institution agrees, please email both Michael Wemyss (m.wemyss@ed.ac.uk) and Martin Kalck (m.kalck@ed.ac.uk) as soon as possible so we can plan the schedule of talks.

Following the above syllabus, the preliminary assignment of speakers is:

October 6th | Martin Kalck | Introduction.Some text here. Notes.
| Gwyn Bellamy | Introduction to quiver representations.Some text here. Notes.
| Laura Vetter | Quiver representations in type A.Some text here. Slides.

October 13th | Michael Wemyss | AR Duality.Some text here. Notes.
| Jenny August | Existence of AR sequences.Some text here. Notes. Slides.

October 20th | Sjoerd Beentjes | AR quiversSome text here.
Jenny August | Examples of AR quiversSome text here.

October 27th | Matt Booth | Introduction to Morita theory.Some text here. Notes.
Simon Crawford | From finite dimensional algebras to quiver representations.Some text here. Notes.

November 3 | TBA | Tilting theory.Some text here.
TBA | \tau-Tilting theory.Some text here.

November 10th | Tomasz Przezdziecki | Quasi-hereditary algebrasSome text here. Notes.

November 17th | Tim Weelinck | The strong no loops conjectureSome text here. Notes.

December 1st| Špela Špenko | Finiteness of representation dimensionSome text here.

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