This website uses cookies to keep track of

  • your current session (this cookie gets deleted when you close the browser), and
  • simple browser properties (e.g. whether you have enabled javascript, etc.)

In addition, the following 3rd party cookies may be stored via your browser:

  • We use google analytics to get an idea how many users we get per day. As a result, we get (anonymous) visitor counts for each page. Google analytics will store a cookie via your browser, e.g. to keep track of how many pages you are viewing. Google analytics does not collect any personal information about users of this site.
  • Any page displaying a google calendar will use a 3rd party cookie for that purpose.
  • MathJax is used on this site to display mathematical formulas, which in turn uses cookies to keep track of math display settings.

Once you log in, an additional cookie will keep track of your identity.

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