You can find former members of the Hodge Institute on our Alumni page.

Image Sir Michael Atiyah
Sir Michael Atiyah has been honorary professor at the University of Edinburgh since 1997. In 2008/09, he delivered the Edinburgh Lectures on Geometry, Analysis and Physics. The Atiyah 80+ website has a wealth of material about Sir Michael, including the recent interview.
Image Arend Bayer JCMB 5616, arend.bayer at ed.ac.uk
I have been working on questions in algebraic geometry motivated by string theory and mirror symmetry; for a while that meant Gromov-Witten theory, in the last few years mostly derived categories and stability conditions. Recently that has led me to very classical questions in algebraic geometry, via wall-crossing and birational geometry of moduli spaces.
Google scholar ArXiv
Image Ivan Cheltsov
I am interested in birational geometry and its connections with algebra, geometry and topology. My interests include classification of singular del Pezzo surfaces, non-rationality of singular Fano threefolds, finite subgroups in Cremona groups, automorphisms of affine cones over del Pezzo surfaces, birational transformations of threefold fibred in del Pezzo surfaces, alpha-invariants of log Fano varieties, quotient singularities, topology of singular del Pezzo surfaces and Fano threefolds. I currently supervise 1 PhD student, Igor Krylov, who is working on del Pezzo fibrations. You can find all my papers here. My PhD adviser and my ex-PhD students can be found here
Image Iain Grant Gordon (Head of School) JCMB 5321, Tel. +44 131 650 5062
I am interested in Lie theoretic representation theory and its connections with combinatorics, geometry and noncommutative things. I currently help to direct 4 PhD students, all working on different projects, not necessarily very closely related to my own research. You can find my papers on the arXiv, Google Scholar, MathSciNet, or my homepage. Not everything is on the arXiv.
Image Milena Hering
I am working on algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, and combinatorics. My interests include positivity properties of line bundles and syzygies, toric varieties, and tropical varieties.
Google scholar ArXiv
Image David Jordan
I study various algebraic systems which lie between representation theory and physics. More precisely, my research falls roughly into three distinct areas: firstly, I study tensor categories in their various flavors (fusion, braided, symmetric, stable oo-…) - their classification, and their representation theory. Secondly, I study the interplay between non-commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. Finally, I study quantization problems involving quantum groups, quantum orbit spaces, and their geometry. You can find my papers on the ArXiv.
Photo of Tom Leinster Tom Leinster
Most of what I do is about category theory and its many applications, including some nonstandard ones such as geometric measure and aspects of both analysis and theoretical ecology. They are loosely unified by the themes of size and measurement. I am one of the hosts of the n-Category Café, a research blog where I have written about many of my interests. My papers, talks and blog entries can all be found through my home page.
Image Tom Lenagan
I am interested in noncommutative algebra, in particular in growth of algebras and quantum algebras. I'm also interested in totally nonnegative matrices. Click on my name to reach my webpage where publications are listed.
Image Antony Maciocia
My primary interests are in moduli spaces of objects in the derived category of sheaves on low dimensional algebraic varieties, especially Calabi-Yau varieties and more especially abelian and K3 surfaces. I am also interested in triangulated categories and hyperkahler geometry more generally. I am especially fond of the Fourier-Mukai transform as a means to understand the detailed structure of varieties and their moduli spaces of sheaves. See arxiv for a list of papers.
Image Johan Martens
I study algebro-geometric and symplectic structures of various moduli spaces, mostly with links to physics (gauge theory, conformal field theory, integrable systems).
Image Liam O'Carroll
Although retired, I am continuing with research in Commutative Algebra. You can find my papers on the arXiv, on google scholar (ignoring the obvious non-mathematical ones) and on MathSciNet. Only very recent papers and preprints are on the arXiv, and only papers up to 2010 are on the departmental webpage.
Jon Pridham
I work on applications of abstract homotopy theory to algebraic geometry. My research has two main strands: derived algebraic geometry, and homotopy theory of algebraic varieties (including number-theoretical and motivic aspects). You can find my papers on the arXiv or my homepage.
Image Andrew Ranicki JCMB 6319, Tel. +44 131 650 6018 a.ranicki at ed.ac.uk
I am a topologist who works on the applications of algebra to the topology of manifolds in dimensions high and low, using the Algebraic Surgery of which I was Professor until I retired in August 2016 to spend more time doing mathematics. I am available for algebraic surgeries by appointment. My website contains my papers and books, slides of my lectures, the Ph.D. theses of all my students, as well as sundry other items. In 2016 Etienne Ghys and I edited a volume of the Brasilian journal Ensaios Matematicos on "Signatures, braids and Seifert surfaces", including our own survey Signatures in algebra, topology and dynamics. In 2017 Michael Crabb and I completed a book The geometric Hopf invariant and surgery theory which has been submitted for publication.
Image Sue Sierra
I am a noncommutative ring theorist, specialising in interactions between ring theory and algebraic geometry, particularly the use of geometric techniques to solve problems in algebra. I am particularly interested in birationally commutative algebras (graded algebras that embed in a skew polynomial extension over a commutative ring) and in graded domains of low GK-dimension. Much of my research is motivated by the attempt to classify connected graded domains of GK-dimension 3. I am also interested in moduli problems for graded rings and in algebraic geometry, and recently I have begun to work on problems coming from Lie theory. My papers are available on my webpage.
Image Agata Smoktunowicz
I am interested in noncommutative algebra. You can see my publications on MathSciNet.
Chris Smyth
I am a number theorist.

We have also several faculty in neighbouring fields with strong interest in geometry, including Harry Braden, José Figueroa-O'Farrill, James Lucietti and Joan Simon in the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics group. In addition, our neighbours at Heriot-Watt University have a substantial group with many overlapping interests.

Image Agnieszka Bodzenta
My research lies in the derived categories of coherent sheaves. I am mostly interested in relation between the derived category and birational geometry of the underlying variety.
Image Roberto Fringuelli
My research interests lie in algebraic geometry and representation theory. In particular, I am interested in moduli spaces of principal bundles on algebraic curves and their connections to physics.
Image Natalia Iyudu
I am interested in noncommutative algebra and its interplay with (noncommutative) geometry, representation theory, operads, homological algebra, K-theory. The structures originated in physics, topology, geometry, such as Calabi-Yau algebras, Novikov algebras, operads of CFT, etc. are of particular interest. My papers are available at ArXiv.
Image Martin Kalck
I am interested in homological structures arising in representation theory, singularity theory and geometry.
Image Dimitra Kosta
My research originally lay in the area of birational geometry, yet recently I have also been interested in applications and the interplay between algebraic geometry and statistics.
Image Martina Lanini
My research addresses the interplay between representation theory (of Kac-Moody algebras, algebraic groups, quantum groups, Cherednik algebras), algebraic combinatorics (Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials, moment graphs, Schubert calculus) and geometry (perverse sheaves, parity sheaves, degenerate flag varieties).
Image Chunyi Li
My research interested lies in algebraic geometry and noncommutative algebra. Specifically, I am interested in derived category, stability condition, quiver representation and birational geometry. I am currently working on the derived category of coherent sheaves on commutative/noncommutative smooth Fano surfaces.
Image Diletta Martinelli
My research interests are in algebraic geometry and in particular in higher dimensional birational geometry. My work aims to study effectivity questions on algebraic varieties related to their underlying topology as complex manifolds. I am also interested in positive characteristic methods, moduli spaces and Calabi-Yau manifolds.
Image Brent Pym
I work at the interface between differential, algebraic and noncommutative geometry. I am particularly interested in topics that have close ties with physics, including: the structure and classification of algebraic Poisson varieties; deformation quantization and noncommutative projective geometry; the Stokes phenomenon and resurgence; moduli spaces of bundles and connections; and links with derived symplectic and Poisson geometry.
Image Alice Rizzardo
I work in Algebraic Geometry, and specifically on derived categories of coherent sheaves on a projective variety. In particular, I have been studying functors between derived categories of coherent sheaves and how they can be expressed in a geometric way. In general, I am interested in investigating the behavior of the derived category of a scheme using techniques ranging from homological algebra to representation theory.
Photograph of Peter Samuelson. Peter Samuelson
My research involves interactions between low dimensional topology (character varieties, skein algebras and modules, knot invariants) and representation theory (various versions of Hecke algebras, Hall algebras, quantum groups). I've recently been working with categorification (the Heisenberg category) and symplectic geometry (the Fukaya category of a surface).
Spela Spenko
I have been working in noncommutative algebra, and I am interested in its interaction with algebraic geometry and free analysis. Recently I have been focusing on non-commutative resolutions of singularities.

Graduate Students
Image Jenny August
I am a PhD student working with Michael Wemyss.
Image Tom Avery
I am PhD student working with Tom Leinster. I'm interested in category theory, and at the moment I'm working on Isbell duality.
Image Sjoerd Beentjes
I am a second-year PhD student working with Arend Bayer. I'm interest in studying algebraic geometry through the looking glass of derived categories of coherent sheaves. At the moment, I'm looking at curve-counting theories on Calabi-Yau threefolds.
Image Matt Booth
I'm a PhD student of Jon Pridham, interested in algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and homological algebra.
Image Chris Campbell
I am PhD student under Iain Gordon and Sue Sierra. I am interested in noncommutative algebraic geometry, specifically using geometric ideas to study noncommutative rings.
Juliet Cooke j.cooke848 at gmail.com
I am a PhD student of Andrew Ranicki, interested in the topology of manifolds.
Simon Crawford
I am a PhD student of Sue Sierra, interested in noncommutative algebraic geometry.
Soheyla Feyzbakhsh
I am a PhD student working with Arend Bayer.
Image Igor Krylov
I am PhD student of Ivan Cheltsov. My interests are: birational geometry and theory of singularities. I am currently working on birational geometry of del Pezzo fibration of degree one and existence of good models.
Image Graham Manuell
I am a PhD student working with Antony Maciocia.
Anna Mkrtchyan
I am a PhD student working with David Jordan.
Trang Nguyen
Image Ruth Reynolds
I am a first year PhD student working with Sue Sierra.
Fatemeh Rezaee
I'm a first-year PhD student working with Arend Bayer.
Bach Tran
I am a PhD student working with Dr. Milena Hering. I am interested in toric varieties, mainly on $N_p$ property and normality of very ample bundles.
Image Tim Weelinck
I'm a PhD student working with David Jordan. I'm interested in representation theory and geometry, and areas where the two collide e.g. quantum groups at roots of unity.

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