Note time change: the geometry seminar is meeting Thursdays, 2.10-3pm in JCMB 6311 (except where noted otherwise).

It is organized by all faculty working in geometry, and currently coordinated by Arend Bayer. See the Seminars page for instructions on how to subscribe to the geometrytopology mailing list.

The seminar is named after William Edge (1904-1997), who is known for example for his work on finite geometry, and worked at University of Edinburgh for over 40 years (1932-1975).

Related seminars: Topology, MAXIMALS, EMPG, GLEN, COW.

Current Semester

Move your mousepointer on the title of a talk to see an abstract (if available). The schedule is also kept up to date in a google calendar, which you can find below.

September 18 No Seminar
September 25 Ivan Cheltsov (Edinburgh) What are the worst singular points of plane curves of given degree?
October 2 Martin Kalck (Edinburgh) Relative singularity categories
October 9 Brent Pym (Oxford) Quantum deformations of projective three-spaceIn noncommutative projective geometry, quantum versions of projective space are often described in terms of their homogeneous coordinate rings, which are noncommutative analogues of polynomial rings. The algebras corresponding to quantum projective planes were classified in geometric terms by Artin, Tate and Van den Bergh in a celebrated 1990 paper. The related problem for projective three-space has received considerable attention, but the full classification remains elusive. I will describe some recent progress on this problem, in which deformation quantization is combined with Cerveau and Lins Neto's classification of foliations on projective space to give a classification of the flat deformations of the polynomial ring in four variables as a graded Calabi--Yau algebra.
October 16 Balazs Szendroi (Oxford) TBA
October 23 TBA TBA
October 30 TBA TBA
November 6, JCMB 5215 TBA TBA
November 13 TBA TBA
November 20 Georg Oberdieck (Zurich) TBA
November 27 TBA TBA

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